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Web Re-Designing

Time changes and so do businesses. The whole world is running the marathon to be the first in line among the survivors. Competition is tight in the air. Now, what are you waiting for? Join the race and do the best to give the best makeover to your website – your corporate reflection.

Many in the present day face the dilemma of not knowing what is best for their site or the right marketing strategy. It is never too late. Just take a few minutes off from the busy schedules and ponder over the points to ponder over the revamping of your site. Just keep this in mind that websites gain viewership through online marketing and SEO promotion strategies.If you are not sure of the points to consider when your site is facing a redesign, then I think these poignant tips would help you – even the reason behind it is a new content management decision or a fresh thought of rebranding your organization.

A thorough understanding of your existing site

Make a journey through your existing site and analyze the performance of your site, taking into consideration the traffic, number of visitors, bounce rate, click-thru-rate, time spent on site, the existing SEO rankings etc.

Set targets for the new site

First and the foremost is to have an idea on “what is the reason for the redesign?” The look and feel of the site has only secondary importance. The highlight should be given to the functionality of the site. The site should bring in a lot of traffic into it and materialize your business goals.

Don’t forgot the current site’s strong points

Often when a site is redesigned, people tend to go for a total reformation. In that hurry burry, they don’t seem to notice the strength of a current page which brings in lot of inbound links and so is successful from the marketing perceptive. Deleting this page for something new will only do more harm than good for you. You will not be rated in the search engines as before. The advice is maintaining the content which is read and shared the most, pages that are visited the most, the best keywords and obviously the number of inbound links to each and every page.

Check your competitor

Check your competitor’s site to see where they outshine you. There are tools like Marketing Grader which can compare the positives and negatives of your site as well as your competitors. Keep your competitor’s site as a touchstone to rebuild your site.

Uniqueness and consistency

Fix on the unique quality that makes you stand out from your competitor and throw light on that value of yours consistently throughout the site. You should know how to make the visitor stick to you or contact you.

Search Engine Optimization

Building a site with the best and the chosen keywords is actually a challenge. But without this, no site will come up to the top ranking. Links and apt keywords have pertinent search engine value. A re-direct strategy will do you only good in this regard.

Other than the above mentioned tips, blogs, RSS feeds, social sharing options, FAQs, and other interactive options which fits your site are some of the luscious tips to make your site the most sought after one.

Last but not he least, your site should be customer-oriented because without them your business has no relevance!